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Our trip to the fairy woods

February 24, 2016 by misstimmins   

This afternoon we discovered that the fairy had left us another message. We found it tucked away behind the fairy door.

Please help

A fairy his name begins with P

Has gone to the woods to see what he can see.

He gets a kick from playing tricks.

Can you stop him in his tracks and make sure we get him back.

Look for the fairy glade it’s in the woods hidden in the shade.

We must go and find the mystery fairy!

On Wednesday we went on a trip to the woods to find the fairies. As we were walking we spotted some clues on the way. There was a big white arrow on the tree pointing us in the right direction. As we followed the path round we found the fairy glade. There was lights, bunting, fairy statues, wanted posters and clues for us to read. The children were very excited. The mystery fairy have been causing mischief yet again. However, he was nowhere to be found.

IMG_1459[1]    IMG_1458[1]



After reading the clues we found out that the mischievous fairy has emerald green eyes, his name begins with Pu and he has lost his keys.



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