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Welcome Back

September 6, 2016 by misstimmins   

Welcome back!

We have had a fantastic first two days back at school. The children have been very busy exploring their new classroom and getting to know Miss Shaw.

We have had a very exciting day today. This morning we discovered a mystery bag in our classroom. Attached to the bag was a message from Dog Skeleton. He needed our help to name, label and match the pictures to the correct body parts. The children worked with their new talk partners to write their label and then present their work back to the class.


We successfully pieced the body parts back together for Dog Skeleton.


The children then worked in groups to label the different body parts onto their chosen outline. They did a great job!


But how did Dog Skeleton get into our school?

The children have spent their break times looking for clues on the playground. What clues did you find?


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